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It is also accredited for the Quality Food productions according to the EC Reg. 1151/2012. Thanks to the collaboration with other authorized and accredited
partners Suolo e Salute is able to offer other certification services and cosmetic sectors.

Suolo e Salute

is a Certification Body

for organic agrifood and enviroment sectors.

Suolo e Salute is the first Inspection and Certification Body in Italy for organic certification: certifies more than 23.000 operators (farmers and precessors) i.e 25% of the Italian organic operators, almost 670.000 hectares, i.e. 30% of the Italian organic cultivated areas.

It has its origin as an association, (Associazione Suolo e Salute), which was established in 1969 in Turin and was a pioneer in the promotion of organic agriculture. Authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry since 1992 for inspections and certification in organic farming and production.

Among the services offered, besides organic, we remember: Organic Products, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG), GlobalG.A.P. Standard and GRASP, Traceability in Food Chains (UNI EN ISO 22005), Integrated Farming (UNI 11233 – SQNPI), Management of Green Areas no food, BioVegan Attitude and Vegan Attitude, Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Bio Cosmetics), Voluntary Labelling for beef and poultry meat, Private Procedural Guidelines for the evaluation of agricultural and food production, Private Procedural Guidelines for the technical inputs for agriculture, ISO 14001*, ISO 9001* and ISO 22000*, BRC* and IFS*, Halal* and Kosher*, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)*
*in collaboration with authorized/accredited partners






of the Italian organic operators



hectares of organic cultivated areas



of the Italian organic cultivated areas

Certification Services

All certifications

Organic Products (Reg. CE 848/2018)

It guarantees the conformity of the productions obtained with organic method in all the phases of the production chain, from the field to the table, in compliance with the European Union rules (Reg. CE 848/2018).


Bio Suisse (Gemma) – Switzerland, certifies agricultural and livestock products, processed products intended for human consumption and promotes the export of organic products to Switzerland.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics (Bio Cosmetics)

The Bio-cosmetics certification for natural, organic and eco-sustainable cosmetics, as well as for the production laboratories for organic cosmetics.


Agri-food certification required by many European large-scale retailers to offer quality products to consumers and the market.

JAS Organic

Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) is the mandatory certification to be able to export and market organic products in Japan. Certifies agricultural and livestock products.


Operators who adhere to the Naturland brand are required to comply with more restrictive ecological standards than those required by CE 848/2018. Naturland standards also include social responsibility requirements. Soil and Health reached its goal last month, after direct meetings with the top management of the German organization and after the training carried out in Germany by the technical staff.


Vegan Attitude sono certificazioni delle produzioni per vegani – food e cosmetici, specifici per il prodotto e la filiera.


The National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI) guarantees the management of agronomic techniques, of phytosanitary defense and control of weeds, of post-harvest and transformation up to the release for consumption, through methods capable of ensuring a significantly higher quality of the final product current standards in terms of public health, plant health, animal welfare and environmental protection.

USDA Organic

Organic products certified according to CE 848/2018, can be marketed in the USA thanks to the equivalence agreement, negotiated between Europe and the United States of America. The USDA Organic logo identifies that the product is recognized as organic by United States Federal Law.


Krav is Sweden’s leading organic production certification organization. The products marked with its logo are well known in the Swedish market and appreciated by consumers for the high level of guarantee offered and the important institutional role played by this organization.


The PDO, PGI, TSG marks are born from the community regulations (Regulation (EEC) n. 2081/92, now EU Reg. N. 1151/2012), and presuppose the adhesion of producers to models valid throughout the European Union: it protects traditional productions and enhances the specificity of agri-food products, with the aim of characterizing the product-territory relationship.

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